PleIQ: Rooky player in #NewYorkToyFair makes headlines

PleIQ smart toy

Tech expert and Wonder Workshop software design VP Scott Traylor, in his recent Kidscreen article The AR & AI tech taking New York Toy Fair by storm, wrote:

In an industry that constantly needs to reinvent and discover new ways of engaging kids, a number of toy companies are unleashing breakout play experiences that take smart devices to a new level. Despite differing play patterns and products, this year’s most stand-out crop of Toy Fair items are laced with elements of augmented reality, voice-assisted play, robotics and old-fashioned lights and buzzers.

Traylor chose seven, amongst more than 1,000 toy companies, that made tech toy announcements that have risen above the others at Toy Fair this week.

PleIQ is one of those seven companies. A rooky coming out of Chile´s entrepreneurial ecosystem that I believe will be making soon many more headlines. Its products combine classical children toys and educational material with the latest augmented reality technologies.

Perhaps I´m biased about this David against Goliath story because I happen to know its founders and early investors very closely. I´m excited about Edison Duran´s team and about the Latam investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem that made possible going from Valencia, a small city in troubled Venezuela, to Caracas and then to Santiago de Chile. Most recently to New York City!

  1. Telefonica´s Wayra Academy, part of its Open Education initiative, made it possible for PleIQ´s team to assemble in Caracas in November 2014.
  2. StartUp Chile brought the team to Santiago for a first round in October 2015, winning demo day by March 2016.
  3. Then a group of Venezuelan business angels, part of Negociosdigitales network, allowed for a return to Chile in August 2017.
  4. There, Chile Global Angels, Dadneo and MagmaPartners joined to support further development of PleIQ around September 2017.
  5. Then to New York City and the Toy Fair February 17-20, 2018.

I´m proud to have been a small part of this process and look forward to greater accomplishments by PleIQ.

Heartfelt congratulations to all the people and institutions that have committed time, energy, talent and financial resources to making this success story possible!

I look forward to children, parents and teachers, all over the world making good use of PleIQ´s products.


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